Concrete pumping in Hayes

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No-fuss concrete delivery

Supplying quality concrete is one part of our service. The other important part is delivering it when and where required. With our concrete pumping services, we can supply the concrete to the exact location you require. We strive for outstanding quality of service and aim for maximum customer satisfaction. No longer will your site have to suffer from mess caused by wheelbarrow transportation as we use state-of-the-art delivery trucks and concrete pumps. We serve clients across North East London.

Ground pumps

Our ground pumps are one of the more common type of concrete pumps we use. They are placed along the ground and used to deliver the concrete to the desired locations quickly. They are useful for transporting the concrete to long distances, through narrow gaps and over difficult terrain. To deliver the mix, the pump is connected to the mixing truck, where the concrete is pumped through a line on to the required spot. Get in touch with us today for more information.

Boom pumps

These types of pumps are more versatile and can be used for delivering concrete to areas which are otherwise inaccessible, with the help of ground pumps. A remote-controlled, extendable arm can be used to manoeuvre the concrete pump over and around obstacles. We strive to achieve the same cleanliness and efficiency of delivering concrete as can be achieved with the ground pump.